Antivirus and Quarantine Procedures

Since the license period of the Antivirus program used on Akdeniz University computers has expired and it is more secure, a new Antivirus program has been purchased. Xcitium (COMODO) Antivirus software licensed to our university should be installed by removing this program from the computers on which the current Antivirus program is installed.

All Staff and Students are required to install the Xcitium (COMODO) Antivirus program on their computers used in the campus. This is very important in terms of the security of your own computer and data, as well as the protection of other computer and user data in our Institution.


You can only connect and download SSLVPN (Global Protect) when you are connected to our university's internet on campus or from outside the campus. If you have problems with your browser, you can copy and paste the address into the address bar and download it.

Download link for Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.11 operating systems

Download link for Windows 7 operating system

Download link for Mac OS X operating systems


Free installation link for our students

Xcitium(COMODO) Antivirus Program General Features:

Comodo Antivirus program is a new generation Antivirus program and protects your computer and data from today's dangerous threats (Crypto Virus, Ransomware type threats, Trojan, Adware, Spyware, Keylogger etc.) and cyber attacks. Our University Staff and all our Students are required to install the Comodo Antivirus program on the computers they use.

After the Comodo Antivirus program is installed on the computers, users do not need to take any action (update, scan and adjust) as it will automatically receive all its settings from the server.

Comodo Antivirus program is a very well developed program in terms of security and provides a new generation protection with the following modules.

–Classic Antivirus module
-Crypto and Ransonware threat protection module
– Firewall module
–IPS (with the attack prevention module, preventing attacks on your computer from other computers and preventing attacks from your computer to other computers)
–Web Reputation (blocking access to harmful sites from websites)
–Device Control (Preventing access to your computer's DVD-RW, USB etc. devices when necessary)
–Smart Scan
–Machine Learning
It allows you to send and receive secure mail by scanning your incoming and outgoing mails against today's threats.

(Note : Xcitium(COMODO) Antivirus program only works in our campus.)


In addition to all the filtering techniques accepted as an industrial standard, to reach your Comodo Protection e-mail system clean e-mail; It is Antispam Gateway software that provides secure e-mail traffic by using the techniques developed by the KoruMail team. With its easy manageability and dynamic structure, it is the definitive solution for preventing spam and infected mails.

Suspicious e-mails are received with the Protection and you will receive a notification e-mail. If you want to recover the e-mail stuck in the filter, you can click Release. The e-mail will go to your inbox.

To receive all protected mails, you can click to log in by typing your e-mail address and your e-mail password, and perform the recovery process.

For e-mails that should not be quarantined, you can call our Presidency or click for contact form.

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