The main theme of the Information Security Management System;

In IT banking carried out by Akdeniz University Computing Services Office; It continues to provide information security in people, infrastructure, software, hardware, student information, organization information, third-party information and financial resources, to secure risk management, manage information protection management process and ensure its confinement with the third part related to information security.

In this direction, the purpose of our Information Security Policy;

  • Providing awareness to all personnel about Information Security trainings,
  • Providing secure access to the information transmission of the institution and its deficiencies,
  • Protecting the accessibility, user and privacy of the data used within our university,
  • Providing continuous resources of meeting needs,
  • Evaluating and managing the risks on the information assets of the organization and its flaws,
  • Protecting the trust and reputation of the institution,
  • In the event that information security is evaluated, it implements the necessary sanctions to the extent that it is allowed to be used,
  • Ensuring the protection of information that they can benefit from from national and international organizations to which they are subject, from fulfilling legal and relevant legislation requirements, meeting the costs arising from agreements, and benefiting from their corporate responsibilities for internal and external structures,
  • Providing the limitations of information security threats to business / service continuity, business continuity and sustainability,
  • Committed to continuously structuring and improving information security

to be a university.

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