How Do I Connect to Eduroam WIFI

Step 1 - Obtaining an Eduroam Account (E-mail account) ( for Academic and Administrative Staff, for students )

Step 2 - SecureW2 program download (Only for Computers with Windows Operating System)

Step 3 - Eduroam Connection Settings


For Academic and Administrative Staff:
Our personnel can apply to our unit in person or by phone for opening an e-mail with the extension and password transactions.

For students (For Obtaining / Forgetting Password and Changing):

Enter your student number and verification code at and click the Verify button.
You will be asked to enter your registered e-mail address and registered mobile number in the Student Information System. You will then be asked for the Confirmation Code sent to your email address. If these steps are passed correctly, you will be asked to determine your Eduroam Password that you want to use.

Your Eduroam account will be:
Your Eduroam Password: (It must be at least 8 characters without using Turkish characters. 12345678 etc. is not accepted.)
Your Eduroam user will be active immediately for new applications. Your user will be approved within 1 day to use Office365, Microsoft Azure and Imagine services.
If you have an Eduroam user and you change your current password by entering the link above, the password change will occur instantly in eduroam, Office365, Microsoft Azure and Imagine systems.
For Windows Computers, you need to get the SecureW2 program. You can skip to step 2 for this. You can go directly to Eduroam settings in step 3 for your mobile, tablet devices or computer with other operating systems.


When you send a blank e-mail to, the SecureW2 program download link is automatically sent to your e-mail address.
In addition, students can get support by filling out the form by this link.


For Windows 8, 8.1, 10.11 Operating System

For Android OS

For IPHONE/IPAD Operating System (IOS)

For Mac OS X Operating System

For General Linux Operating System

For Ubuntu Linux Operating System


Office 365

Eduroam account for our students is also Office365 account. Our students can access their e-mails from the Ögr E-Mail link on the website of our University or by entering your Eduroam account and password (Office 365), and download office and other office365 software from here.

Academic and Administrative Staff account is also Office365 account. Our academic and administrative staff can access the Office365 system by entering their e-mail account ( and password from and download office and other office365 software from here.

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream account

Email accounts for all our Staff and Students are also Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream accounts within the Office 365 system. With these services, video conferencing can be made by creating virtual classrooms and teams. Click on to access Office 365 and all its services.

Office 365 Detailed Information

SSL VPN Account

Your Eduroam account is also your SSL VPN account. With an SSL VPN account, you can access Library Databases from outside the Campus. Click for SSL VPN settings.

Imagine Service account

Your Eduroam account is also your Imagine Service account. With the Imagine account, many software development tools and other software can be downloaded and used for free. Click to use Imagine Service.

Microsoft Azure Portal account

Your Eduroam account is also your Microsoft Azure Portal account. You can download and install Microsoft software development tools, many Microsoft system software and Operating systems on your computer. Click for detailed information.

For all operating systems, if there is a manually defined DNS IP address in your computer's network settings, it should be removed and automatic DNS should be selected.

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