SPSS statistics program was purchased under license by Akdeniz University Rectorate and has been put into service since 01.12.2010.

SPSS Statistics Base v23 version of SPSS software is used as licensed in our university.

To get support on the subject, an e-mail can be sent to spss@akdeniz.edu.tr

NOTE : The SPSS program, which can only be used within the campus, can also be used outside the campus over the SSL VPN service since 2017.

After installing the SPSS program as described in the SPSS installation link below, it can be used from within the campus. In order to use the SPSS program from outside the Campus, you must do what is described in the section Using SPSS from outside the campus (Access over SSL VPN).

SPSS Setup
Click for SPSS Installation

Using SPSS From Outside The Campus (Access over SSL VPN):

How you can make an SSL VPN connection from Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems and your Mobile-Tablet devices are explained in detail in the following items.

SSL VPN configuration settings for Microsoft Windows
SSL VPN configuration settings for MAC OS
SSL VPN configuration settings for Android Devices (Only for Academic Staff)
SSL VPN configuration settings for IOS Devices (Only for Academic Staff)

For Information and Support: destek@akdeniz.edu.tr
0242 227 44 00 – 1420 /1404 /1568


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