Akdeniz University Local Cloud System was commissioned.

In today's world, where the use of technology is increasing day by day, the amount and variety of data produced is also increasing. The need for storage systems is also increasing for the secure storage and processing of electronically produced corporate data. The local cloud system, which provides access from anywhere for the Academic Staff of our University, was commissioned by the Akdeniz University Computer Center.

You can log in at https://bulut.akdeniz.edu.tr/ with your email account and password (without @akdeniz.edu.tr).

The web address is used to log into the local cloud system from the computer. For IOS and Android mobile devices, you can download the application by typing Akdeniz Bulut from the Apple Store and Play store.

For detailed information and help on the use of Local Cloud System, you can use the link below:

Click for Akdeniz University Cloud System User Manual.


Corporate Keep Everything, Share What You Want

Akdeniz Bulut stores all your files in a secure central environment. All information and documents of your users in electronic environment are now under full protection.

Access Anywhere
It encrypts, stores, authenticates, versions, backs up and accesses all your data from anywhere.

Your Files Are Safe
No matter what happens to your devices, your files stored in Akdeniz Cloud are safe.

Data Encryption
Your files are encrypted and stored in Akdeniz Bulut with special crypto algorithms.

Power Search
Akdeniz allows you to access your files faster with cloud. You can search for content by keyword.

You can share and edit your files with anyone you want.

Protection Against Viruses
No virus can become active because it stores all data by shredding it with Akdeniz Bulut.

24/7 Access
Accessing your data from any computer is at your fingertips with Akdeniz Bulut.


For Information and Support: support@akdeniz.edu.tr , bimdestek@akdeniz.edu.tr

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