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Click here to access the student e-mail system and all Office 365 services.

Your student Eduroam account is also an email account, Office365 account, etc. Other services cannot be used without your Eduroam account.

Click here to get a student Eduroam account.

Members of Akdeniz University will be able to benefit from the benefits of Office 365 as part of the Office 365 Student Advantage program. In this context, they will have access to the right to use Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Stream, OneDrive for Business, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher programs.

In addition, they will have 5 TB of storage on OneDrive, so they can access all their files from anywhere with an internet connection.
To access these services, they can register via with their or e-mail addresses.

You can install the desktop version of Microsoft Office application on your personal computers (maximum 5 pieces) with the help of the installation file that you will download via the "Install Now" or "Install Office Applications" link. They can access Office 365 mobile applications from the application store of their mobile device's operating system (Google Play, App Store, etc.) with their corporate e-mail account information. (Office applications you download from Office 365 are not supported by the Windows 7 operating system.)

Note: After downloading and installing the Office application, if you log in with your email address and password from either the main menu or the account menu under the login menu, the office application will be licensed. no other e-mail address should be entered in this field. If there is another e-mail account entered before, log in with or e-mail address and password after logging out.

Microsoft Office

Office 365, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive for Business, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher make Office software easier and enable you to collaborate with others.

Microsoft Teams
With the Teams module in the Office 365 system, you can create virtual classrooms, add your students' e-mail addresses and communicate interactively (video conference, etc.).

Microsoft Stream
With the Stream module in the Office 365 system, video recordings made in the virtual classroom environment over Teams are stored. The video link on the stream can be used for sharing.

Email and Calendar
With Office 365, you can access your email and calendars from your computer, web and mobile device.

Instant Messaging, Conferencing and Remote Control
Thanks to Lync that comes with Office 365, you can instant message with your colleagues, have video and audio conferences, and even share your desktop.

You can open your content-managed professional website right away with Office 365 SharePoint.

File Sharing and Document Management
Using Office 365 SharePoint, you can collaborate with your colleagues on your documents and configure a document management system.

Mobile Access
Office 365 works with almost all mobile devices. It increases your performance and efficiency by accessing your data from anywhere.

Office Web Apps
You can create, edit and store all your Office documents such as Word, Excel, Power Point online.

Safety and Security
Microsoft helps keep your data safe and private.

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