For IPHONE/IPAD Operating System (IOS)

1- From your SAFARI web browser on devices with internet connection
By clicking the link
You can proceed to the installation phase.
A warning that the profile has been downloaded will appear on the screen. Click Close.
2- Open the Profile section in General from the Settings menu of your phone.
3- Click on the downloaded profile.

4- Click the Download button.
5- Username: or 

Password: Your E-mail password

For our students If you do not remember your password;
You can change your password in the “MAIL /EDUROAM Get/Change Password” section.

6- Your profile is now loaded. Click on the Done button to continue.
7- Then go to Wifi and select Eduroam. Click the Trust button on the certificate screen.
Then go to the (Wi-Fi) Wireless Networks screen and connect to the eduroam broadcast.
8- If your e-mail does not appear during installation, you can set the following settings in your profile.
After the install is done, come to wifi from your settings. Select Other Network.
9- Type Eduroam in Network Name and Security WPA2 Enterprise will be selected.

Username: or 

Password: Your E-mail password

For Information and Support:

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