For Ubuntu Linux Operating System

Connection settings for Ubuntu 14.10 Version

1. Click on eduroam network in the Wireless connections section.
2. The information filled in the drop-down menu should be as follows

Username: or 

Password: Your E-mail password


3. Click Ignore (ignore) the warning and continue.

When you connect to the eduroam network, you can see that the eduroam connection is made in the wireless networks section.

Connection settings for Ubuntu Previous Version

1. On the Network Manager, Connect to Other Wireless Network is selected.

2. In the menu that opens, type eduroam in Network Name, select WPA Enterprise in Wireless Security.


3. On the renewed screen;

Network Name: eduroam
Wireless Security: WPA Enterprise

EAP Method: TTLS

Key Type: Dynamic WEP

Phase2 Type: PAP


Password: your email password

Anonymous identity: (leave blank)

Client certificate file: None

CA Certificate file: None

Private key file: None

Private key password: (leave blank)


4. When you press the Connect button, you will be connected to the eduroam network. ( e-mail address

given as an example)

Eklenme tarihi :19.07.2023 17:10:55
Son güncelleme : 19.07.2023 17:12:02