SSL VPN: Install GlobalProtect for ANDROID


SSL VPN connection for Mobile and Tablet devices with ANDROID Operating system settings are as follows.

1. Select Other Networks in Settings.

2. Select VPN and +

3. Name: AkdenizVPN

    Type: IPSec Xauth PSK

4. Server Name:

    IPSec Identifier: ***********   

    IPSec pre-shared key :**********

(IPSec Identifier and IPSec preshared key information are not written in this field to avoid security weaknesses. You must receive this Information using the communication channels at the bottom of the page.)

    After receiving this information select SAVE.

5. AkdenizVPN SSL VPN connection is created. Click AkdenizVPN link.

Username: or 

Password: Your E-mail password

6. If you see Connected under AkdenizVPN, it means SSL VPN connection has been made.

In addition, the key symbol on the top of your mobile phone shows that you have made an SSL VPN connection.

If you click on AkdenizVPN again, you can see the connection time.

You can disconnect SSL VPN by clicking DISCONNECT.

Also, if you pull down from the notification panel (top) of your Mobile Phone, you can see that the AkdenizVPN connection is activated. You can also terminate the AkdenizVPN connection from the DISCONNECT button by clicking on VPN enabled here.

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