YETKIM Identity Federation

YETKİM is the identity federation for higher education and research institutions in Turkey.

Identity federation provides authentication and authorization infrastructure for web resources. With this infrastructure, access to inter-institutional web resources becomes simple and secure. Individuals can access many web resources, such as electronic databases, with their institutional credentials. YETKİM is also a member of eduGAIN. eduGAIN is a global service operated by the European Academic network GEANT. With the participation of federations operated by education and research networks of 73 different countries, more than 2,600 identity providers and more than 1,800 service providers were gathered under the same roof.

An example authentication scenario is shown in the video below. Depending on the service you are trying to authenticate with, the menus and directions may vary.

Akdeniz University students and staff verify their identity with their e-mail username and password. When logging into the system, only the username part is entered as follows. and domain attachments should not be entered.

2023-06-01 13_32_24-Web Giriş Servisi - Opera.png

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